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Based in the Los Angeles area, Shearill Brown is an expert trainer and motivational speaker who helps people ranging from professional athletes to working class individuals attain their fitness goals.

Shearill incorporates techniques that include resistance training, circuit training, cardiovascular, plyometrics, altboxing, aerobic and anaerobic training – along with healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices – to help you fulfill your goals. By employing the proper motivation, hard work and dedication, Shearill aims to help you become "you" again. 
Shearill is a graduate of Western Michigan University (WMU) with a degree in Exercise Science.  He’s studied anatomy, biomechanics, exercise physiology and other related subjects, whereby he’s developed a true knowledge of, and love for, how the human body works and operates. While attending WMU, Shearill was also a two-sport athlete who frequently helped his teammates with their training.
Shearill moved to Southern California in the late 90s, where he’s worked in the field of commercial and corporate fitness and attained numerous fitness and aerobic certifications. He’s also conducted Max Vo2 tests and other cardiovascular assessments with various executives in the corporate fitness sector, all the while maintaining a diverse clientele that included people from a wide array of backgrounds.
One of the major milestones he reached was becoming a certified Silver Sneakers instructor (www.silversneakers.com). This positioned him to instruct classes for senior citizens, many of whom dealt with risk factors like diabetes, hypertension, strokes and more. Shearill continues to take great pride in how he was able to assist this group in bettering their lives and implement a healthier lifestyle. 
Shearill’s number one motivation continues to be to help others reach their fitness goals, focusing on the average corporate working class individual. He genuinely enjoys watching his clients transform their bodies and lives.
If you’re really ready to invest in your health, contact Shape by Brown. Let us help you live a better, healthier life now and into the future.

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