• You want to lose weight? 
  • You want to gain weight?
  • You want to look good in a pair of jeans or shirt?
  • You want to increase your energy levels?
  • Are you working out hard and not seeing the results you want?


Proper nutrition is over 80% of the battle. Once you conquer this battle you will be on your way to FREEDOM.  Many people go through a ton of fad diets & products to get results, but find that their body goes back to the way it was before or even worse.  On the other hand many workout and years later look the same and still haven't figured out the formula.

Once you have the formula needed for YOUR body then your goals happen rapidly.  My clients lose amazing amounts of weight, inches & gain lean muscle with out a DIET or killing themselves.  In this process they learn about their body when it comes to the following and more:


  • Digestion
  • Water
  • Enzymes work
  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Insulin hormone


My nutrition plans have taken peoples body's from acidic to alkaline.  Decreasing the need of medication for high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and more all naturally.  Not using expensive products or gimmicks. Real food is the key.  My plans will do the following and more:

1. Provide a breakdown of your height, weight, BMI(Body Mass Index), RMR (Resting metabolic Rate), BMR (Basal    Metabolic Rate), Max Heart Rate, your target heart rate zone, caloric intake needed to maintain your current
weight, calories needed to lose weight, broken down in protein, fat, carbohydrates per day and per meal-- over 7 days for next 3 months.

2. Foods broken down to reach your daily caloric intake.

3. A food list to provide you healthy alternatives and substitutions.

4. A log to track weight and body measurements.

5. A log to keep track of daily foods

6. BMR and RMR breakdown

7. Alcohol guideline for happy hour and weekends

8. Recommend Supplements

9. Motivation guide for your story to help push you to good health.

10. Help you shop for your foods and supplements

11.  Make Nutrition fun for you and your family.

Many people buy expensive clothing, cars, houses, vacation packages and forget to invest a small portion into their health.  Be Smart and prioritize your HEALTH!

Email me for a questionnaire to Get Started NOW and change your life!

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